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Artist's Statement


Mia Riley is an artist exploring a variety of media with a specialization in ceramics. She finds inspiration in the transience and landscapes within her life, moving and living in various places across western Canada. In 2013 she had the pleasure of working as an intern for the Works Visual Arts Society. She is currently a BFA student at the Alberta College of Art and Design. 


When she's not creating mountain inspired ceramic artworks you will probably find her climbing them.

My current work is centered on my relationship to the natural environment. I believe that what defines the wilderness is what we project upon it; that a journey into this environment is also a journey within oneself. The contrast found between using our external experience of solitary natural settings to stem the discovery of internal meditations has become the foundation for my recent work. I research ways in which visual elements of contrast can symbolize dualities that exist within a larger context, most notably in regards to an individual’s relationship to natural landscapes. In creating contemplative vessels I seek to evoke opposing feelings; intimacy and distance, movement and quiet, and roughness and softness.  

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