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Collage & Works on Paper

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Self Portrait

Works on Paper

Ink and Gouache on Dressmakers Pattern Paper


Installation of over 50 small 'polaroid' drawings exploring the body as perceived from observation and memory. 

The Places We'll Go..


Old Maps, Glue, Tape, Straight Pins


Winner of the 2012 Art of Reuse Contest, Works International Visal Arts Festival


Wall installation

handmade paper, black wire



This piece was inspired by dayreaming and romance. All of the e-mails sent back and forth between myself and my partner were added to the blended paper pulp, resulting in small bits of our letters visible in the finished paper. The life drawings were made using steel wire by holding up the drawing to the live model.  

Weighed Down

Artist's Book

handmade gampi paper, found rock, paper, cardboard



Collection of solitary statements from people describing what is weighing them down. Interviewees wished to remain annoymous.


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