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Sculpture, Installations and Performances

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Untitled .GIF animations

3rd year performace/video


Short stop motion animations exploring ceramics/clay related themes.



Kenetic Installation

Fall 2013

Over 60 paper houses were constructed and hung from tree



A Spot of Tea Gallery

2nd year performane

Winter 2013

This piece is a portble gallery space for ceramic drinking vessels.


House vs. Home Series

1st year Bronze Sculpture

Spring 2012

This work was based on the theme of 'house vs. home'. At the time I was living transiently between two cities. This series illustrates the nature of my living situation and represents my journey home. 


Curating Memories

2nd Year Bronze Sculpture

Fall 2012


When we think of bronze baby shoes it is not the shoe that holds the importance but the baby that wore them. This pieces is a collection of bronze cast momentos. Objects whose literal meaning is of no significance but in context hold memories of a certain person that relate to a certain time in their life. Each object has been placed inside a jar and contained with a certain environment. The environment acts as a 'core sample' of this object's significance that visually translates its meaning. In this piece I, the artist, am no longer  creating, I am simply acting as a curator of the significance of these objects. 


The Feast

Video Installation, video projected on fabric, foam and wire sculpture


Video of the installation to come


Landscape Reverie Photographs

Digital Photographs


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