many things at once

2019, Exhibition curated by Mia Riley

Featuring six emerging Canadian ceramic artists Mabel Tan, Logan Kenler, Shaun Mallonga, Queenie (Xun) Xu, Lux Habrich and Mia Riley

Alberta Craft Council Edmonton

Animal-Shaped Vessels from the Ancient World


2018 project under Kathy King at the Harvard Ceramics Program

Included research & creation of educational replicas of ancient animal shaped drinking vessels and creation of two contemporary artworks for exhibition (Raise a Glass: A Contemporary Response to Animal-Shaped Vessels from the Ancient World) coinciding with the Harvard Art Museum's Exhibition: Animal-shaped Vessels from the Ancient World: Feasting with Gods, Heroes, and Kings

Kiln Raising


2016 residency at the Banff Centre

Residency with facilitators Dan Murphy and Robin Dupont with 14 artists. Built and fired train kiln on Banff Centre kiln site as well as coordinated pop-up exhibition in the Project Space titled "Coffee 'til Dusk, Whisky 'til Dawn"

Copyright 2012, All Images, Writing and Media, Mia Riley

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